Team Grimbold

Grimbold books is run by Creative Director Sammy Smith and Editorial Director Zoë Harris. We have been working together since 2011, and are now full partners in crime… uh, we mean publishing. Yes, publishing.

Meet the team

Sammy Smith started Kristell Ink in 2012, where she published six fantastic titles before bringing her considerable talents to join team Grimbold. When she’s not conquering the publishing world, she is also an author and a full-time crime-fighter in the UK, specialising in domestic, child and sexual abuse. Yes, we have a super hero on our team. As if that weren’t enough to keep a girl busy, Sammy is also a new mum. Living just outside of Oxford, she is the head of the Kristell Ink imprint, but she also manages all the marketing, publicity and finances for all Grimbold Books titles. Oh, and she has three hundred cats and a couple of dogs. Okay, it’s only fourteen cats, but sometimes it feels like three hundred.

An author, editor, typsetter, bond girl*, e-book formatter, fire juggler*, mother, cat lover and avid book collector, Zoë Harris is clearly a woman of many talents. Originally from Adelaide, Australia, she now lives just outside of Oslo, Norway. Once an IT project manager, she is now a freelance book designer and editor and is the director of the Oslo Writers’ League. However, rumour has it that Australian and Norwegian relations are tense at this time regarding the perceived ‘ownership’ of Ms Harris; not only do Australia and Norway share an Antarctic territorial border at 44°38′E, they also share the lovely Zoë.
*May be exaggerated.

Disclaimer: Sammy and Zoë take no responsibility for misunderstandings resulting from having written each other’s profiles for this website.

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