Chalice of Shadows

by C.N. Lesley

Freedom from slavery should have meant a peaceful life for Morgan, but fate has other plans.

Rescued by the Outcasts, Morgan escapes a Nestine attack only to be bound to the task of retrieving a lost chalice by the Outcast god. Unable to fight the pull of the chalice, she is drawn toward the vessel and all its unearthing will herald. Only her rescuer knows he must get her to the Brethren Haven where they will be safe.

With familiar players of stories past moving into place, from the leader of the Nestines to Shadow and Ector of Avalon, only one thing is certain: Morgan is at the center of it all.

In this third instalment, following Shadow Over Avalon and Sword of Shadows, C.N. Lesley takes us on another epic adventure, once again immersing readers in her alternate universe based on Arthurian legend and twisted into richly detailed science fantasy.



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