All the Ways Home

All the Ways Homeby the Oslo Writers’ League, curated by Zoë Harris
Adventure, safety, love, peace: people who travel the world seek out these things—and once they find them, some never go home again. It may be a conscious choice, or perhaps an inevitability, but the experience never fails to leave its mark upon the traveller.
All the Ways Home is a collection of short stories, essays, and poetry written by we who have chosen lives far from home, we whose paths stray from the well-trodden, and we who look in all directions for answers. Written to the themes of Identity and Crossroads, our stories and poems examine what makes us who we are, and how our choices affect the direction our lives take.
Oslo Writers’ League contributors are: Audrey Camp, Saroj Chumber, Sari Cunningham, Evelinn Enoksen, Mieka Ryley Farrell, Zoë Harris, Srividya Karthik, MJ Kobernus, Maddie Lama Sjåtil, Gisèle Le Chevallier, MaTT Loughlin, Alice Ludvigsen, Anna Maria Moore, Chelsea Ranger, Kirstin Reed, Espen Stenersrød, Mauricio Ruiz and Bree Switzer.
All profits and royalties will be donated to Utdanningshjelpen, a Norwegian volunteer organisation offering scholarships to children and young people in developing countries.
Released in paperback and e-book formats in May, 2014.
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