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MASSIVE Kickstarter Thanks

Thank you so much to everyone who supported our Kickstarter. Not just to the amazing backers, but to everyone who shared a link, re-tweeted, or just told someone else about our campaign. We succeeded with 150% funding!
What does that mean?
Well, 2015 is shaping up to look amazing. We can now put titles on Netgalley, attend more conventions with stock, start an online shop, sort audio books and most importantly, offer our titles in large print for the partially sighted. From day one, we wanted Grimbold Books to offer something for everyone and this means we can move one step closer to our goal of total parity.
To those that pledged – we’ve sent out a survey that needs to be completed so we can gather up info and start sorting out your pledges. Please do bear with us. We set the initial delivery date for January 2015, but naturally we want to get the goods to you sooner.

2015 will bring us titles by…

Jude Houghton

Kate Coe

Deb E Howell

Joanne Hall

Ellen Croshain

Michelle Basson

Steven Poore

…and others.

  We’re still working through submissions from our open window period, and thank you all for your patience. We have some excellent readers helping us, and the quality has been fantastic.


Sorry for the shortness of this post, it’s difficult typing up here on Cloud 9…our fingers get cold and stiff!

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