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Grimbold Hoodies! 2 Days To Go!

The Grimbold Kickstarter comes on Friday…Just 2 days to go!

Today, we thought we’d share the concept image for the kitty hoodies. We’ve got some on order (and will snap a picture of them when they arrive!), so if you want a cool, funky hoodie – watch this space and look out for ‘The Spot’ package on Kickstarter:

The Spot will get you: A Grimbold kitty hoody, 5 random giclée Willow, Weep No More prints, 4 e-books of choice and a thank you on the website – all for a bargainlicious £35.

HOWEVER, if the hoodie is too hot for you, and you want a cool, kitty tee-shirt, perhaps ‘The Ser Pounce’ will be more to your liking:

The Ser Pounce will get you: A Grimbold kitty T-shirt, a paperback copy of both ‘Felinity’ and ‘The Spire of Frozen Fire’, 2 e-books, a Grimbold bookmark, and a thank you on our websites – all for £30.

There’s lots more perks coming…including limited edition and OOAK artwork, beautiful prints, books, Skype sessions, manuscript critiques, leather notebooks and more! …


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