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Felinity Interview – Selina Carr

Hi and welcome to Team Grimbold! Felinity is set to be the first publication under the Kristell Inkling imprint, and we’re thrilled to have you on board. Tell us about yourself. (Please include links to blogs/sites/Twitter/published works etc)

What inspired your story for Felinity? 

I have two cats, and no cat door. I work from home. My job is to let the cats in, and let them out again. It should be no surprise I dream of a magic cat door. Or even a regular, non-magic cat door.

How do you feel about having an illustration accompany your story?

It’s always a thrill to see an artist’s rendering of something that came out of my head. I’m lucky that this is now the fourth time I’ve had an artist give one of my ideas form and shape, and I’m very excited to see Squiggle live in the fur.

What writing projects are you working on at the moment

Right now I’m throwing about some ideas for a 4-6 year old audience, but nothing solid there just yet.

The most important question – Cats or dogs

Pfft! Cats, of course!


Inkling Interrogation

1.How would you guide an alien through making a marmite sandwich? –  I wouldn’t. It’s Vegemite all the way, baby!

2. What’s your greatest achievement? –  My daughter. Yes, yes, corny, I know. But seriously, she’s amazing.

3. Who is the living person you most despise? –  I try not to send hate out into the world. But there’s plenty of room for putting bad people in books, and then defeating them.

4. Do you take the shampoo and soap from hotels? – I used to, until I realised it’s terrible quality. Now I only do it to reuse the tiny bottles.

5. What would be your motto? – You’re never too old or young for a good fairy tale

6. What did you want to be when you were little? – I wanted to be Lois Lane. She got to write, go on amazing adventures for her work, and she got to smooch with Superman.

7. Who do you admire the most and why? – I admire anyone who can paint, draw, sing or dance well; all things I wish I could do, or do better.

8. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4 – what is it? –  “ ‘I believe I can steal the swans’ plumage from the two good-for-nothing princesses!’ said father-stork.”

Yes, it just so happened to be Hans Andersen’s Fairy Tales.

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