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Felinity Interview – Sophie E. Tallis

Hi and welcome to Team Grimbold! Felinity is set to be the first publication under the Kristell Inkling imprint, and we’re thrilled to have you on board. Tell us about yourself. (Please include links to blogs/sites/Twitter/published works etc)

sophie tallisI’m a published author and illustrator, living in the wilds of Gloucestershire with my family and four doggies. I love all things fantasy, am an avid chess player, a film buff and a complete nerd. I intend to never grow up, and so far the signs of that happening are pretty strong. As well as writing, drawing and painting, I am also a teacher…with wicked lightsabre skills and a high kick that can reach above the doorframe!

You asked for my links…you may be sorry for that!

My writing blog is:

My Illustration website is:

Novel Website:

Facebook Page:

Illustration FB Page:



Society of Authors:






Alliance Of Worldbuilders:

UK Arts Directory:




 Phew, that’s a lot of links! What inspired your story for Felinity?

I recently watched a hauntingly beautiful film, called ‘The Road’, which got me thinking about a post-apocalyptic world and what that would be like. This then fed into my story about a girl who can shape-shift, in this case, into a cat, and what it would be like to survive in such a world with unique powers like that.


How do you feel about having an illustration accompany your story?

I feel fantastic about it, lol, probably even more so because it’s my illustration!


What writing projects are you working on at the moment?

A beautiful picture book called, ‘The Lost Smile’. I’ve already completed the text and am halfway through the illustrations and it looks AWESOME!!!! J


The most important question – Cats or dogs ?

Both, I love em’ both. Despite having four doggies, we’ve always had a cat and were devastated at the loss of our gorgeous 17yr cat, Mimi, just before Christmas.



Inkling Interrogation

  1. On a scale of 1-10, how weird are you and why? – Lol, about 11.5! I’m a bit of a paradox, sensible and silly in equal measure, middle-aged but child-like, old-fashioned but a total sci-fi geek, social but also a hermit. I adore anything fantasy, live mostly in my head and am not in the least bit practical…er…except when I am! Contradictory? Oh yes! 😀
  2. Tell us a joke. – My life!
  3. You’ve won the lottery. What do you buy first? – A plane ticket back to New Zealand, my ‘soul home’ away from home. If we had the technology to give people the ability to fly like Superman, like a pair of wings or a super-powered belt thingy, then I’d buy that first!
  4. What inspires you? – Wild things and the written word! Nature and natural landscapes are hugely inspiring to me and sometimes I can be stupidly moved to tears just by being in an awesome landscape like Dartmoor. Other than that, other stories, history, music, films, astronomy, pretty much everything!
  5. You’re prime minister for the day, what’s the first thing you’d do? – Help the poor!
  6. How do you fit a giraffe in a fridge? – Lol, very carefully!
  7. Would you rather fight a horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses? – Definitely a horse sized duck, then I could go flying on it!
  8. How would you explain Facebook to someone from the 19th century? – Lol…it’s a way of having friends and keeping in touch with friends without ever having to see or speak to them! A way of being social for the anti-social! 😀

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